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In Ireland, Hidradenitis Suppurativa patients can avail of various schemes aimed at easing the cost of medicines and wound dressings.  These government managed schemes include the Drug Payment Scheme (DPS), Medical Card, Hardship Scheme and Long Term Illness scheme. 

We’re often asked about these schemes and who is eligible. So we’ve put together a guide based on the questions we’re asked the most about the Drug Payment Scheme (DPS). 


What Is the Irish Drug Payment Scheme (DPS)? 

 The Drug Payment Scheme is a government initiative that is available to all residents of Ireland. The scheme caps how much you or your family pay for approved drugs, medicines and HidraWear at €80 each month. It is often referred to as the DPS. 


Who Is Eligible For The Drug Payment Scheme? 

 All residents of Ireland can apply for a DPS card. Unlike other schemes, the Drug Payment Scheme is not means tested.  You can apply as an individual or as a family. Therefore the collective costs of medicines for you, your spouse, children and dependents are covered on the scheme.  


What Is Covered On The Drug Payment Scheme  

 There are hundreds, if not thousands, of items covered. The full list of all prescription drugs, dressings and medical supplies available through the drug payment scheme is available online. This list allows your GP and Pharmacist to check which items are reimbursable from the HSE 


In 2021, HidraWear AX Crop Top and HidraWear Dressings became available through the HSE’s PRCS service. This means that they are now covered on the DPS. 


How To Use Your Drug Payment Scheme Card 

 When you apply for the DPS, you will be sent a wallet sized card. The card typically takes two weeks to arrive after your application. 

 Take this card to your usual pharmacy and they will add your DPS number to your file. When you hit the €80 threshold, your pharmacist will add anything more to the DPS. 

 If you have to use another pharmacy, on holiday for example, they may charge you full cost. When this happens, it is possible to apply for a refund. Check the HSE website for more details on Drug Payment Scheme Refunds. Make sure you keep all receipts.  


How To Apply For The Drug Payment Scheme 


Applications for the DPS card are made online here. You will be asked to make an account on the HSE sister site Here you will be asked for some basic details, such and name and address and also for your: 

  • PPS number 
  • Email address 
  • Date of birth 


How To Get HidraWear Through Ireland’s Drug Payment Scheme  

As a HS patient on the drug payment scheme you can ask your doctor to prescribe HidraWear. Take this prescription to your pharmacist who will order it on your behalf.  


HidraWear Products Available On The Drug Payment Scheme In Ireland 

 These HidraWear products are available on the DPS in Ireland: 

  • HidraWear Starter Pack, which includes two HidraWear Crop tops for HS wounds in the axilla (armpits) and one box of dressings.  
  • Packs of 60 HidraWear Dressings, which work with all HidraWear wound garments, including the AX Crop top, T-shirt and Shorts. 

To order a free information pack for your GP or pharmacy, complete this form. Sharing the information pack with your doctor will help them understand how to order your HidraWear through the DPS.