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European Patent Approval Received For Innovative Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology™ That Reduces Pain At Dressing Change, Improves Quality Of Life and Empowers Patients To Self-Care

SEPTEMBER 2023 – Hidramed Solutions today announce that its innovative HidraWear Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology™ has officially been granted a European patent, covering a broad spectrum of advanced wound care applications including the management of chronic wounds located in difficult to dress areas of the body such as those caused by the condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

“Our award-winning technology is set to revolutionise the way chronic wounds are treated, reducing, or even removing pain at dressing change entirely, improving patient quality of life, and enabling healthcare professionals to empower patients to change their own dressings. This milestone not only strengthens our position in the European market but also reinforces our dedication to improving patient care and outcomes while ensuring reduced costs-to-treat for healthcare providers” Suzanne Moloney, Chief Executive Officer

HidraWear Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology offers multiple benefits especially when compared to traditional adhesive and silicone adhesive-based solutions:

  1. Prevention of Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI): Medical adhesives including silicone-based adhesives can cause allergic reactions and skin stripping especially with prolonged use or frequent changes. HidraWear Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology helps prevent these risks.
  2. Secure Fixation: HidraWear Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology keeps dressings securely in position over the wound even in challenging to dress areas of the human body such as the axilla, breast, groin, and others, ensuring effective management of exudate, odour and bacteria and maximising the potential for healing.
  3. Pain Free Removal: One of the common complaints with current wound dressing solutions is the pain and discomfort experienced during removal. With HidraWear Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology patients report significant reductions in pain levels and those who were taking pain medication prior to dressing change were able to stop such medication.
  4. Empowering Patient Self-Care: HidraWear Adhesive-Free Wound Care Technology enables patients to change their own dressings leading to improvements in their quality of life as well as reducing the significant economic burden on health care system and nursing staff.

A recently published clinical study using the technology demonstrated statistically significant improvements in pain at dressing change and quality of life and won the Gold Award for Clinical Research at the 2023 Journal of Wound Care Annual Awards